Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sundial Mixed Metal Necklace

It felt good to get back into my studio and make something again. It's been months since I was able to make anything!

This piece started out with a square hole cut out of the middle of a penny. I wanted to see if I could dome two pieces together. First I thought I would rivet the penny to the brass disc and dome them together, but I didn't think it would come out smoothly so I domed them separately and riveted the two domes.

I felt it needed something so I created a frame for it by soldering a large ring in 16ga copper wire. Next I wanted to see if I could join them without soldering the ring to the domed piece. So I cut another piece of brass and cut tabs/prongs into it. I riveted the center of that to a disc I cut out of nickel silver that I textured first. I lifted alternating tabs/prongs and folded them around the domed centerpiece along with the copper ring and it held it in place.

I originally made a narrow rectangular drop but I didn't think the proportions were right when I tried to suspend it from the bottom. I found a pair of earrings that I always thought came out too large and added one of those instead. The proportions looked much better.

I thought of leaving this one as is (raw brass and copper) but decided in the end to oxidize it and I'm glad I did. It toned it down and gave it a beautiful old look.

I've got a lot of ideas swimming around for the next project!

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