Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mech Heart Earrings

I loved the sundial necklace so much that I wanted to create a pair of earrings using the same tabbed/prong settings. These didn't come out exactly as I wanted. I'm a lazy jewelry and hate measuring! After I cut the prongs and riveted them to the back, I discovered the prongs were too long and totally obscured the domed piece I wanted to highlight. I ended up having to roll each tab in half then turn them in. I also chickened out on the bead I set in the center. Originally I was going create a balled end headpin and add the bead, then on the reverse I was going to melt the wire to pin the bead to the dome. I ended up wrapping it instead so you can see the piece of wire that comes up from behind. Oh well...I guess I'll try it next time.


  1. These are really gorgeous! I can appreciate all of the handcrafted detail with the metals. I really like the texture and also how you mixed metals.

  2. such beautiful work! i love the necklace you made as well ... :)