Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tip: How To Clean Up Messy Epoxy From Your Pieces After It's Set

This next tip comes from a reader of my blog named Sally.

Sally writes, "I have been gluing jewelery components with 2 part epoxy glue ie cabochon gemstones onto metal and watch cogs etc, but could not get the things glued on without the glue oozing out from underneath.
I can't clean it up when it is wet as whatever I am glueing needs to be left alone to set in place,so I tried using acetone to clean it up when it was set.It didn't work.I got pissed off so I picked up my little electric engraving tool and had a go with that!
Brilliant...I don't have a very hard tip on it,we mainly use it to engrave ID numbers on the plastic of our electrical items for security.If you have good control with this tool it turns the excess glue into powder very easily and will not scratch the metal.It leaves a neat finish very quickly.
Thought this might be of use."

You can find her work on Ebay at

Thanks Sally, I appreciate the tip. I've had trouble with this myself and have had to discard a few pieces. Next time I'll have to try this.

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